Beat Stress & Depression! This Music Cafe Offers Therapeutic Renditions & Healthy Food To Lift Your Mood

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Have you ever walked in to a cafe that has therapeutic Indian classical compositions on its carte? A first-of-its-kind, Music Cafe at Law College Road offers patrons an unique combination of ragas, food and beverages for relaxation and stress management, starting at INR 100.

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A brainchild of music therapist, Santosh Ghatpande, classical vocalist, Sawani Ghatpande and music enthusiast, Anand Kolharkar, this quaint little cafe opposite FTII, integrates music therapy to fight anger, depression, stress and even diabetes.

The curators of Music Cafe say that the frequency and beats of ragas are powerful enough to treat depression, boost immunity and help you find your inner peace. The therapy is experimented, well-proven and needless to say, has gained popularity is the last five months.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. You enter an elegantly decorated room, with monochrome photographs and beautiful paintings hung up on the wall. A set of small diwans with comfortable cushions is neatly set for your absolute comfort. The lighting is easy on the eyes, not too bright, not too dull. Just the perfect balance for you to unwind.

The two-page menu, kept right in front of you features three varieties of specialised combos. First, a 20-minute musical session with a drink of your choice. This combination aims at relaxing your mind, boosting self-confidence and instilling positivity. Price is INR 100.

Second, is a specialised combination of Hindustani classical music, food and drink, starting at INR 200 for a hour. This session helps eliminating anger, anxiety, depression and revives a new burst of energy within you.

Third, is a 45-minute musical session with food and beverages, for INR 150. This is designed to boost memory and immunity, fight heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes, improve concentration, women wellness and strike a balance between mind and body.

Besides the music therapy, what we loved the most was the range of beverages, carefully designed to suit the ambience and the mood. Each beverage is named after a raga. We loved the darbari sharbat, a combination of ginger and lemon that helps building immunity. Must try the sarang sharbat, a perfect anti-oxidant to cool down your body. During rains, nothing beats their malkauns, a rejuvenating steaming cup of herbal tea.

The food menu has been kept short and minimal, includes veg chutney sandwich {INR 60}, banana bread {INR 40} and jam sandwich {INR 40}.

Anything Else?

If you’re going to Music Cafe alone, then the customised music therapy with headphones work! However, if you’re going with your gang, go for the joint open music sessions. There is no difference in the charges.

You can also become a premium member with Music Cafe. You get 12 entry coupons per year, a discount of 15-20% on all products and services, free entry to a musical concert and a workshop, conducted by the cafe. Validity is three years, price is INR 5,000.

So, We're Saying...

Stressed or not, Music Cafe is a beautiful place to unwind, have hearty conversations and listen to soulful classical renditions…all within a budget!


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