Road Trip, Anyone? Explore The Wild & Go Tiger-Spotting At Nagzira

    What Is It?

    Located in Gondia and Bhandara districts of Maharastra, Nawegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve is an abode to almost one-sixth of the total tiger population in the country, 300 species of birds and rare plants.

    How Do I Get There?

    If you wish to explore the reserve extensively and stay at Nagzira for a day or two, we suggest you plan the trip either on a long weekend or your next vacation. The easiest way to get to the reserve is head to Nagpur {a 70-minute flight}, and then drive down to Nagzira via Dongargarh-Nagpur Road, which would approximately take about three hours.

    What's So Unique About It?

    Nagzira reserve is a unique eco-system for all major flora and fauna species found in central India. The unique bit of the trip, however, is the wildlife safari through dense jungle routes. If you’re lucky enough, you get to see tigers, leopards, jackals, barking deer, Indian gaur, sambar, wild pigs and mouse deer. The safari has various slots depending on the month. For instance, currently in the months of March and April, there are two slots; one happens in the morning between 5.30 am and 10 am, and then in the afternoon, from 3.00pm to 6.30pm. For more details, click here. All safaris are organised by the Forest Department of Maharashtra along with their trained guides.

    Anyone who’s looking for a comfortable stay out here, we recommend the Nagzira Tiger Resort for its humble quiet rooms, belly-filling Indian spread and brilliant hospitality. You can check out their packages here; ranging between INR 3,500 and INR 7,000, depending on the period of your stay. Interestingly, they also have an in-house Gypsy tiger safari for INR 1,700 for 5-6 people.

    So, We're Saying...

    Take a break from the city life and head to Nagzira to experience wilderness at its purest form.