This Brand's DIY Skin Products Are What You Need For A Chemical-Free Routine

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What Makes It Awesome?

The concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) has spread like a viral trend and we are used to DIY clothes, home decor, shoes, accessories and much more; but ever thought you could DIY your own beauty products?

After running India’s largest online store for everything eco-friendly, Organic and Green has ventured into their own homegrown brand, Nature’s Tattva that delivers products that are organic and can be customised according to your skin type.

From body butters to soaps, face and body oils, face masks, essential oils, bath salts, toners and much - you can customise it all according to your skin type and liking. How this works is Nature's Tattva will give you the raw material, with easy DIY tutorials, and you make your own cosmetics, suited to your skin and hair type. So simple right? Not just that, because they provide the raw materials, and you do the blending, there is no way of unwanted chemicals getting into your beauty products without your permission. If this sounds cool and economical to you, we suggest give Nature's Tattva a shot. 


You can shop for Nature's Tattva's products via their website. The starting range for their products is INR 150- which is pretty affordable according to us. Please note that each of their products have a shelf life of 14-24 months. When mixed, they start reacting and their shelf life reduces to 3-4 months. So it's advised to mix the ingredients in smaller quantities so that the remaining ingredients remain fresh and your mixture can be used within the specified time frame.