Stay Home & Snack On: 10 Local Brands You Can Binge On

It's the season to be a couch potato. While we're staying in so that the virus doesn't spread further, what else to do but snack while you work, stream shows and movies online or even shop?

We've rounded up local brands that sell online and will deliver snacks. Some are healthy and all of them are delicious, so you can binge on a variety.  


A local Pune-based brand, Chopinz operates its delivery using Amazon and India Post. So be rest assured that you're going to get your snacks delivered to you. Offering a range of chips that are snack-worthy, you can much on chips like beetroot, jackfruit, garlic, sweet potato, pumpkin, chickpeas, and mango. And they're SO GOOD! A tin will cost you about INR 180, and most of their products are all under INR 500.

The best bit though is that the chips are baked in their vacuum frying machine and no preservatives, sugar or edible chemicals are added in the manufacturing process. Know more about the brand here.

Food Stores


Phatak Park Apartment, 202, Warje Malwadi Road, Erandwane, Pune


Nutty Yogi

Bangalore-based Nutty Yogi is for those looking to eat healthy and organic. Neem honey, cacao nibs trail mix, and barley grass powder are just a few examples of what they offer. Their range of healthy roasted snacks include roasted chana jor, smoked caramel makhana, crunchy tapioca khakra crispies among others. They also offer dehydrated fruits to snack on. And, their prices are quite pocket-friendly. You can buy these snacks ranging from INR 50 to INR 300.

You can also shop for other items like organic honey, moringa powder, hemp seeds and more. The brand delivers worldwide and across India, so you can easily access it from the comfort of your home. Know more about the brand here

True Elements

From raw grains, breakfast cereals to seed mixes, True Elements is all about healthy eating. Get on their website and check out their array of flavoured seed mixes. You can binge on these without worrying too much about the calorie count. Their offerings include roasted seed mix chilli, antioxidant mix seeds, watermelon and flax seeds in chilli rosemary, protein bites and more. Their price range is about INR 114 for 125 gms of seed mix. 

You can also check their range of ready to cook breakfast items, cereals and other raw foods if you're all about living the healthy life. They ship across India and are also available on Amazon. Know more about the brand here.

Pop Man

What's snacking without some popcorn? Considering you'll be streaming and binging shows and movies a lot, check out Popman which offers gourmet popcorn. They have fun flavours like Indian masala, cheddar cheese, Sriracha, sweet & chilli tomato among others. You can get 20 packs of 20 gms each for INR 200 on Amazon, which the brand uses for delivery. Know more about the brand here.


Offering organic breads, cookies and more, Paushtaa has a super healthy bakery range. You'll find things like ragi choco cookies, star almond cookies, date and raisin cookies, savoury sticks and more. The brand uses pure and organic elements (think: organic jaggery and honey); and you can get cookies with no added sugar. You can get a combo of savoury and sweet snacks for INR 360 on Amazon. Know more about the brand here.

The Butternut Co.

Peanut butter has been deemed a healthy choice. Whether you ear it for health or just because, you should try The Butternut Co. They offer all natural, sugar-free, preservative free and pure nut butter and it's delicious, hands down. If you're not into peanut butter, they have other offerings: almond butter, chocolate spreads, unsweetened spreads, and other nut butters too. A 200gm jar will cost you INR 450, while a kg would cost you INR 504. You can order through the brand's website or get it delivered via Amazon. Know more about the brand here.

The Tea Shelf

Sourcing tea from estates in Darjeeling, Munnar, Assam, Kangra, Dooars and Nilgiri, The Tea Shelf may not be a snacking company, but you need some tea for tea time, no? Offering a range pf premium quality teas, the brand offers assorted gift sets, boxes for home and gift cards too. You can choose from different types: black, white, flavoured, green, oolong and others; or choose from regions: Taiwan, Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Kangra and others. They also have other blends that are non-caffeinated, single estate teas; and options like floral tea, breakfast tea, wellness teas and more. An Assam valley sample which comes with an assortment for four teas will cost INR 350, chamomile green tea is priced at INR 490 and so on. You can order via their website or Amazon. Know more about the brand here.

India Hemp & Co.

Hemp is a new favourite plant among those who love to eat healthy. And its benefits have led to the formation of India Hemp & Co., which makes a range of products with hemp and hemp seeds. They offer snacks like hemp hearts that is shelled hemp seeds, hemp protein or try the trail mix, which is great for those evening hunger pangs. You can get a starter health pack of all 3 for INR 2,150. Order via their website. And, know more about the brand here

The Green Snack Co.

Pick from kale crisps, quinoa puffs, 6 grain stix - all of which are offered by Mumbai-based The Green Snack Co. Another healthy snacking brand, Green Snack Co.'s products are made sans artificial flavourings, preservatives, gluten or MSG, so you can eat them guilt-free. There are several flavours like Peppy Cheese, Saucy Salsa or Fiery Spice for the Quinoa Puffs. The 6 Grain Stix has options like cheesy jalapenos and tangy pickle for quinoa puffs. The kale chips come in cheese & onion, sea salt & vinegar and Thai sweet chilli. You can try them in combo packs and decide which one you like most before ordering more of it. The all in one combo pack is priced at INR 290. You can order via their website. Know more about the brand here

Luxus Chocolates

For those who have a sweet tooth, Luxus Chocolates are absolutely delicious to snack on. The Pune-based brand has several offerings, which include seed bite bar,  a healthy chocolate bar with chia, flax and pumpkin seeds. You will buy chocolate packets and chocolate-dipped nut packs where you will find coffee beans, almond and cranberry based chocolates. All of these are priced at just INR 150. You can buy them on their website. Know more about the brand here.