Bag 'Em Prints: This Brand Is Colourful, Fun & A Must-Have


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Are you even a millennial if you don’t own a quirky printed phone case, bag or a t-shirt? Whether it’s a cool quote or motifs of a rickshaw, popsicles, cherries, doughnuts and whatnot. You absolutely need to have a cool accessory or a piece of clothing in your wardrobe, expressing your quirks. 

    Paint & Tonic is a brand that offers just that. You’ll find everything from stoles, backpacks, totes, makeup pouches, duffle bags, t-shirts, coasters, diaries among other things. And, they’ve got various cool prints across categories. From the face of a pug to colourful popsicles, fishes, pineapples, tigers and more.

    But, their bags are what we absolutely LOVE. The pineapple tan trim maxi tote will brighten any OOTD. And, the pug print duffle bag is a sturdy option that's also cute. The brand also has printed t-shirts that are comfy and vey casual. The kitten printed white tee is over FAVOURITE!

    Paint & Tonic believes in keeping things quirky and that reflects in their products. If you love to add cool stuff to your home and wardrobe, this is an apt brand to shop from.


    Shop for their oversized totes, which are fit for work and travel.