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Perfect Place For A Gastronomical Date!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Laa Unico means the only one in the Italian language, Of course, it is the true meaning about this place situated in Mukund Nagar near Swargate. It is situated in Heart of the city. I have heard a lot of good things about this place before and finally decided to visit it with my best friend Sonam who is also a foodie.

The building is an old one with a small congested lift but once you reached the top, your mind blows off. The makeover they have done to a normal terrace is unbelievable. The ambience is the 1st impression and the Laa Unico impresses you with the great ambience. Yeah, this place is the best place for the couples as well as for the friends and also for the family. They have quite good sittings distributed with the number of people you have in your group.

The menu is the one which is awesomely twisted with the uniqueness of the Laa Unico. They have a huge multi-cuisine menu which is enough to confuse you for"What to order and from which cuisine to order?. They have so many known menus with their Uniqueness and the only thing that will make you fall in love with the Laa Unico is the presentation. Talking about their presentation then literally I'm speechless.

Sonam and I ordered Gastro Pani Poori, Stone Grill Tagliatelle(Noodles) and Rice with Exotic sauce, Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Cool Volcano, Electric Shock and the combination of First Kiss and Bubble Gum shots.

First, we got the Bubble Gum shots and First Kiss (which contains strawberry and watermelon). The Bubble Gum shot was awesome in taste the presentation is also awesome but talking about the First kiss containing the syrups of strawberry and watermelon so it tasted good not the best.

Second, we got the well-known everyone's favourite the Gastro Pani Poori and really the presentation is what they are best in it and I'm sure that every dish they presented in front of you is capable to make you fall in love with them. Yeah, the presentation was amazing the taste was also awesome as they gave you all ingredients and make the pani poori as per your taste.

Then we got the most recommended mocktails i.e. Cool Volcano and the newly launched one i.e. Electric Shock. Both presented with liquid nitrogen hence the FUMES are the main attraction towards the mocktails. The Cool Volcano has a Blue Curacao syrup with soda and lemon zest and the special ingredient which was a surprise to us i.e. Ginger. You can get the spicy taste of ginger at every sip of your mocktail which is Awesomely good to impress me about their mocktails. Talking about the Electric Shock then it was presented in a Bulb shape glass which contains Raw Mango pulp with soda and Pudina leaves Mmmmm. Tastes Delicious.

After this, we got the Stone Grill Rice and Tagliatelle(Noodles) with Exotic sauce. The taste was delicious and the rice and noodles sauteed nicely with the exotic sauce. The presentation was as usual awesome. The quantity was enough for two people.

At last, we got the Blue Berry cheesecake and trust me It was so delicious and I haven't eaten such a fresh and Deliciously awesome cheesecake ever before. The first scooped from the blueberry cheesecake was telling me the freshness of it as well as its structure was so yummy and soft. When I took my first bite it was just heaven. I and Sonam were full till the stone grill rice and noodles but the cheesecake was so yummy hence we started to fight over it. And finally, we finished it happily.

After this, we got two paan shots from the management and they were also awesome and just needed for digestion after so much food. But this is not at all the special from the laa Unico. As we visited this place on Thursday hence they have a cartoon artist present on Thursday at the place who draw sketches of the people present at the laa Unico. Finally the packet(owner) hand over us the cartoon sketch of me and Sonam which was awesome. That was like just the cherry on the top.

The service is somewhere clumsy but it is fine when you are getting the best food with the best presentation. The menu price is somehow costly but it is fine for the food as well as the presentation you are getting.

My recommendation is this place is awesome for the couples as well as for family or friends. This place serves the best mocktails as well as the desserts with their unique presentation. They have a well-known menu with their unique twist. Just go for it. This place is worth a try and I'm sure that you will fall in love with this place.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Family, Bae, Kids