Take Care Of Your Pets: These Services Are Delivering Pet Food & More

Your pets are like your best friends and your family right? If you're wondering where you can grab pet food during the COVID-19 lockdown, we found a bunch of services in Pune. So get online and start ordering now. But do note that deliveries might be slow or delayed.

Pet Feast

Pet parents, pamper your furry friends with yummy treats from PetFeast- Pune’s first fresh-food delivery service for dogs and cats. They exclusively make preservative-free, pet-friendly cakes, meat loaves, and treats that your pets can hog on. PetFeast provides simple, wholesome food, which you can arrange for your pet on a weekly/fort-nightly/monthly subscription basis, or order à la carte. We're sure your pets will dig into their ginger-bread man cookies, peanut-butter apple/banana cupcakes, liver jerkies, liver/honey-oats/pumpkin-oats cookies, chicken carrot cupcake, and more. Cupcakes and cakes start at INR 80, and cookies at INR 100 (exclusive of GST). Subscription plan pricing is available on request, as per the requirements of your dog/cat.

Bow Wow Chow

Momos, patties, samosa, cake, snacks - no, it's not for you. It's for your lovely furry friends. Yes, you heard it right. Your pets can now hog on all the delicacies specially made from Bow Wow Chow, an exclusive pet food service. Conceptualised by pet chef Shweta Rao, Bow Wow Chow is all set to pamper your pets with home-cooked and healthy food.

Wiggles Wet Homefood

When you can get your meals customised, why can't your pets? Wiggle Wet Homefood is dedicated to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for your furry friends. They offer customised, homemade meals for your pets in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. They first do a check up of your pet and examine their needs post which they provide you with a customised diet and plan for them.


With their delivery service functioning round the clock, you can also order your pet’s favourite food from Flipkart. They are delivering to all major cities and are stocked up on some of the most trust worthy pet food brands. However, given the condition their delivery might take longer than usual.


Well there is nothing that you can’t find on Amazon, right? Even in the time of lockdown, Amazon is making sure all your essentials are in check. You can order your pet’s favourite snacks and treats from their website. They stock all popular brands of pet food. But please note that delivery might be slower than usual, given the circumstances.

Pawsh Box

You love your little pupper, don’t you? Pawsh Box, has everything you’ll need to pamper your pet. They’ve got toys, food and a lot more in store to keep you and your pet happy. Pawsh Box is a subscription service that now has a brick-and-mortar space.  In treats they have fish and chicken cookies for good boys and purry kittens. There’s a lot to choose from and you can pick up packets starting at INR 180.

Pet Stores

Pawsh Box

Shivom Regency, Shop 1, Baner Road, Baner, Pune



Consider this as your online grocery store only, it’s dedicated strictly to your pets! Get international as well as local brands of snacks and treat for your furry friends from Dogspot.in that is delivering to all major cities in India.