This Lavish Buffet Spread At Westin Is Exactly The Meal You've Been Waiting For!

What Makes It Awesome?

The Market is amazing! I visited a few days back for my lunch and I was just amazed to see this beautiful place. Indoor-outdoor it's really beautiful, big, porch and great. The indoor seatings are too good and in outdoor, there is swimming pool plus some seatings and their garden where they grow many things which are used in the food. Plenty of options for starters from sushi to pasta to chaat corner to paneer/chicken tikka to fruits to bread with hummus everything was tasty and the presentation was really beautiful. In the main course there was a variety of many things..can you imagine the vali sabji in a restaurant that too tasty I was amazed to see that because that's my favourite. Let's move to desserts. Wow, Desserts my god! Desserts were so many + Indian Desserts like Kaju katli, Ladoo any many more were there along with rich desserts. Desserts were amazing. At last, we had ice cream freshly made by a chef that was pina colada, vanilla and mango that was an amazing thing to end an evening with a huge smile on the face. Do visit this place. This is really amazing!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000