This Variety Store Is A One-Stop Destination For All Things In Need!

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What Makes It Awesome?

You must have been to tons of variety stores where you can never find the exact thing you are looking for! Sometimes you are looking for a gift but can't find the perfect one or sometimes you are looking for something for yourself and are disappointed. 

Prem Variety Stores near Balewadi Phata, might look like your regular shop but after entering the shop, you will realise it’s a one-stop destination for anything! This massive store houses more than fifty different items - fancy and common! From stationery to jewellery, body care to hand bags - this store has a variety of all! They are known for their collection of make-up and body care items as they house brands of all price ranges. Prem Variety also has a good display of handbags and wallets, starting at INR 200 that are perfect gifting options. Not just that, for your little ones, they have a ton of stationery and board games to choose from! 

From the outside this store may look like your regular variety shop but if explored, you’ll realise that Prem Variety has much more to offer. The shop is run by a family of brothers and they are humble and helpful. They even gift wrap your products if needed and upon request, they also deliver a product home if it’s too heavy or needs any special attention.

Pro Tip

Put your bargaining skills to test here! The success rate might not be 100 per cent, but it will surely get you a few rupees off!