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Sweet Tooth? Head Over To This Pretty New Cafe In Shivajinagar

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What Makes It Awesome

So finally Cafe Madeline have come up wit their 2nd outlet at Modibaug, Shivajinagar, Pune.

The cafe plays up with their beautifully delicious cakes, pastries and of course, the exotic coffees that finish of that Instagram shot perfectly.

It is such a beautiful, cute and elegant cafe. Honestly, once you enter, the ambience and those pink and white interiors are just Wow! A super pretty cafe with those array of desserts, oh my, totally a treat to the eyes!

The menu consists of options starting from hot as well as cold beverages, salads, pasta, wraps, sandwich and not to forgot those beautifully delicious cakes and pastries. So let's start with my food story, shall we?

We had plenty to relish on!

1. Pesto Fussilin Pasta with Candied walnuts
2. Unicorn Pink Shake
3. Red Velvet Cheese Cake
4. Stacked Lettuce Chicken Caeser Salad
5. Black Forest Pastry
6. Cute Little mini cupcakes
7. Activated charcoal latte
8. Hibiscus Tea
9. Baked Cheese Cake
10. Pink lemonade
11. Creamy truffle mushroom tartlets

The activated charcoal latte with mint mocha is a black latte that has a bit of chocolate and mint with expresso shot. Honestly, their artisanal lattes are their signature favourite and it's a must-have when you visit here. The stacked lettuce chicken Caeser salad was really good, I would rather say healthy that had enhanced the goodness.

The pastries were all drooled worthy. The hibiscus infused tea was something very unique although not sure how many would like it. The pink lemonade was a mixture of lemon and cranberry, it was quite refreshing.

So pull up a chair, take a taste, life is so endlessly delicious with Cafe Madeline and needless to say, if you are on Instagram, you probably know Cafe Madeline even if you've never been-its so pretty cafe famous for its pastries, coffee, salad and more recently the gorgeous pastel-coloured interiors.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

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