This Pune-Based Brewer Tells Us His Favourite Breweries & Old-School City Pubs


    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Nothing beats a nice, freshly brewed mug of beer after a long day. So folks, we had a word with Pune’s home grown brewery : Kimaya Brewing Company and it’s team, Saurabh Patwardhan and Sampan to know what gets them going to be a 100% Puneri brewery!

    Favourite Breweries Apart From Kimaya

    To be very honest, I feel all the breweries in Pune are doing a great job. We’re like a fraternity and not  competitors, which cannot be seen in other cities. So my personal favourites would be Independence Brewery, Effingut, Doolally and one more in making which is Moonshine among other home grown brands.

    Favourite Kimaya Brews

    We both, Sampan and I, love all of our craft beers. But our personal favourite however remains the IPA because of the flavoursome aroma that you get when you’re about to take a sip. Another is, of course, the Vanilla Porter because of the after-taste that it has which is of vanilla and chocolate that beautifully infuses with the authentic taste of beer.

    Old-School Pune Bars That Bring Back The Nostalgia

    I’m really a person who loves those bars with the old-school quarter system! Nothing can beat that. Some of the places have been taken over by bigger establishments but some that have still survived and the ones that I still go to are Pyasa {the Puneri classic}, Symphony, Chandralok and various others which still follow the traditional quarter system!

    Saurabh's Pro Tip For Budding Brewers

    With the current taxation laws and licensing system, the scenes to get into the brewing business is a little dicey in our state. But hey! What isn’t tough in its initial phase? We all know of Dadasaheb Phalke who laid the foundation of the Indian cinema industry. It was difficult for him and so it is for us. However, having said that, the future of brewing industry is bright, especially in Pune, where all other fellow brewers help out each other to get that final impeccable brew! So yes,  continue to do what you’re doing.