Why Pune-ites Still Love The Steak Sizzlers From This 29-Year-Old Legendary Eatery

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Even before sizzlers became a thing, Zamu’s Place served and still serves delicious and signature sizzlers to Punekars!

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Zamu’s sizzlers have been a hit among Punekars since the last three decades. Reason?  Their signature sizzlers such as special mix grill {which is literally a combination of all sorts of meats, including pork and mutton} for INR 800 and steak special sizzler which is a dish with an overdose of ham and cheese, sandwiched between beef steaks for INR 650.

Zamu’s does not fail to please its veggie customers who get to choose from a variety of paneer shashlik, macaroni and mushroom, starting at INR 460.

Anything Else?

If you’re not really a sizzler kind of person then, Zamu’s also boats of an assortment of Parsi delicacies to choose, including tasty biryanis {no such thing as veg biryani but pulao}, super healthy salads and much more!

So, We're Saying...

Sizzle your way into deliciousness at Pune’s oldest and favourite sizzler house!


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