Get Buzzed Not Bored: Learn About Science While Sipping On Craft Beer

    What Is It?

    Pune Science On Tap is an initiative by Dr. Anoop Mahajan – through which scientists come together with an audience to talk about interesting topics, in an informal environment. Basically, it’s like science class in high school – except way more fun, and with craft beer!

    Tell Me More

    Anoop himself is a scientist with a PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry – and works on important environmental issues like climate change. He got bored of going out and having random conversations without really learning anything from them, and so the idea of ‘Pune Science On Tap’ was born. Anoop wanted to make science easy, and more accessible to the public – without all the jargon and seriousness of a formal lecture. Since there are many research institutes in Pune – but scientists and non-scientists don’t move in the same social circles, Anoop decided to bring the two together. Along with his fellow scientist friends, and local craft brewery Great Sate Aleworks – the first ‘Pune Science On Tap’ talk happened in May of last year. We like that the audience is encouraged to engage with the scientist, and ask as few or as many questions as they like throughout the talk. It’s super-casual, and a great way to learn about what’s happening in the world around you. They’ve done about 6 sessions so far, on topics ranging from math, to the origin of life, wildlife, bacteria in your gut, climate change (to name a few) – and the feedback has been great. Not only do you learn something new from every talk, but you get the most up-to-date research straight from the horse’s mouth. The number of attendees per session is limited (no more than 30-50 people) so that it can be as interactive as possible, and therefore we suggest you sign up for each event in advance.

    Anything Else?

    Pune Science On Tap is a non-profit, and the speakers and organisers volunteer to do this; you only pay for your food and drink. We recommend you pre-register for each event, which will cost you INR 200 (inclusive of snacks), or INR 500 (inclusive of snacks and beer). Their seventh session – also completing one year of Pune Science On Tap – will be about ‘the brain’, with a neuroscientist speaker at Mr. Rabbit’s Bar and Burrow on May 13. We think it’s a great way to appreciate both alcohol and science, without getting drunk or bored. Details and a pre-registration link will be up on their Facebook page soon, but you can also contact for enquiries.