Discover The Most Elegant Dining Experiences At Dario's

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Dario's classic Italian vegetarian restaurant has been around for more than a decade and it is here to stay. The ambience of the restaurant is premium and the hues of white and purple are seen all over. The garden seating is a great option, not only because it is fresh and airy but also because you have the opportunity to meet and greet peacocks here. The menu is a really long one and it has a section of Mexican food as well. So, for once if you do get bored with some of the bland Italian food and sauces, you can shift to Mexican. The appetizers and salads include a good range of classically finished dishes and some of them have been uplifted to suit the Indian people, with some spice factor inclusive. A good rendition of ‘Cheese Chili Focaccia Toast’ is available here that is loaded with cheese and some jalapenos for the spicy kick. Apart from the wines and spirits, something that might be interesting for you are the super healthy cold-pressed juices as well. The soup and salad menu is interesting and has a range of premium ingredients. For instance, ‘Asparagus Soup’ is nice. We even tried the ‘Beetroot Carpaccio’ with Feta Cheese and Olive oil along with Rocket Leaves, it surely is good. The mains include a selection of large plates, pizzas and pastas that are all made in-house. We tired the ‘Mushroom and Cheese Tortellini’ and added an extra shot of Truffle oil to it. This will work wonders for you if you are the one who loves mushrooms with, cheesy, umami and a nice kick from the truffle oil. There are ample of options in Pastas and Risottos, most of them being very classically finished to keep the roots alive. For desserts, they have some average tasting Chocolate and Lemon Tarts which you can miss for eating the ‘Tiramisu’ which is a super hit!

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹500 - ₹1,000

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