Get Your Home Revamped On A Budget From This Home Stylist

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What Makes It Awesome?

Your home is where you spend most of your quality time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a property you bought, after all, home is where the heart is. Building on this and understanding its importance, Puru: Home Ensemble helps you in styling your home, not according to the latest trends but in a manner that defines you. 

The brainchild of Kushagra Tyagi, Puru is a one-of-a-kind home-decor service. Coming from a background of business and interior designing, Tyagi started this home styling service around a month ago. However, his work has always taken place way before he officially established a firm. Prior to that, he is experience in landscape designing, events, marketing and advertising. All of this led him to Puru. 

The entire concept of Puru is very simple. It stems from the philosophy of making houses more liveable. Tyagi tells us that a lot of people buy a number of decor from a number of places, however, aren’t able to use these decor items to their efficiency. This is where he comes into play. Using his skill and knowledge Tyagi, helps you design or rather decorate your home with the help of existing things  or just with the addition of a few new things. He also tells us that his services help people to eliminate the cost of an interior designer or an architect. Of course unless and until you intend to reconstruct the entire house!

Tyagi’s skill set includes not just helping you design the interior of your home, but also the exterior. Having started his own landscaping venture at a rather earlier age, he has incorporated that as well in his services through Puru. You can get your balconies, terraces or even gardens landscaped. Using whatever space is available, you can make your own peaceful retreat at your home. 

The best part is that Puru does not go beyond your budget. This means that you could get your home designed and/or revamped according to every season and that to on a budget. You only would have to pay Tyagi a consultation charge which starts at INR 2500 and increases depending upon the services you want to avail. Tyagi does not restrict himself to just helping out families. You could be a bachelor living alone who needs a better space to come home to and that can be done. 

So go ahead and make the most of your living spaces with Puru: Home Ensemble.


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