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Quick-Fix To Hunger Pangs: Eat A Meal At These Ten Joints In Pune For Under INR 100

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Ten-Second Takeaway

This one’s for the foodie in you, who is forever on a shoe-string budget! Hog your heart out at these 10 restaurants across Pune for just INR 100.

Vohuman Cafe

Be ready for a food coma, because the breakfast menu at Vohuman Cafe is out-of-this-world and all you need is INR 100 in your pocket.

At Vohuman’s, it’s all about experimenting with flavours, mixing things up and eating till your tummy can’t take no more. Get an English breakfast with a twist: A single egg cheese omelette {INR 50},  bun butter {INR 30}, cream plate {INR 10} and chai {INR 10}.


Kalyan Bhel

When you think about chaats, paani puri and bhel, you cannot not think about Kalyan Bhel. Undoubtedly, the oldest chaat house in Pune, Kalyan Bhel now has branched out to various areas across the city.

We loved their dahi bhel! Every spoonful of this creation is a celebration inside your mouth. There’s a right amount of tanginess and sweetness that balances out the flavours from chopped onions, herbs and raw mangoes. Over and above everything, this comes for INR 70 to satiate your hunger pangs.

Try out the S.P.D.P, a delectable combination of sev puri and dahi puri. The dish redefines ‘street chaat’ experience in every possible way — the crunchiness of the sev, mixed and tossed nicely in the sweetness of the red chutney and curd, sprinkled with green chillies. This is what you will get for just INR 70! Chaat lovers, are you reading this?


Joshi Wadewale

If you’re a true blue Punekar, you’ll know what we mean when we say that Joshi Wadewale is synonymous to vada pav! They have outlets are all over the city. So headout to one of the branches and experience the aunthentic taste of Maharashtrain burger made out of deep-fried potato patty and served with dry garlic chutney and green chillies.

If you’re wondering about the price, a single vada pav comes for INR 15. So eat to your heart’s content and if you’re still hungry, order a plate of kanda bhaji (onion fries) for INR 25 and batata bhaji (potato fries) for INR 20.



Vaishali is yet another old food joint of Pune and an absolute local favourite. They have an array of tummy-filling budget-friendly snacks! We highly recommend you to try the masala dosa {INR 80}, onion uttappa {INR 90} and the tomato omelette sandwich {INR 90}.

So the next time you’re shopping at FC Road, drop by at Vaishali and make sure you try their filter coffee for just INR 50!


Kata Kirr

If you love your misal hot and spicy, head to Kata Kirr. The place is perpetually crowded, but have adopted a bit of technology to speed up the service. Register your name and phone number at the counter. You will receive an SMS when your turn comes!

The misals out here are yum and come for INR 60 and INR 70. You can choose between a medium spicy or a very spicy misal. We suggest you to go for the medium one unless you are on a roll and want tears out of our eyes.


Chaitanya Parathas

Your love for quintessential Amritsari parathas will cost you less than INR 100 at Chaitanya’s. Give a rest to your diet plans for a day and try out their famous aloo muhroom paratha, the aloo schezwan paratha and the pahadi paratha. All the dishes are served with a generous portion of dal makhani or rajma, curd and large spoonful of butter.



A 50-year-old food joint, Appa is one of the legendary places in the city that serves authentic old-school Maharashtrain cuisine and brings back the nostalgia. The famous dish out here is the sabudana khichadi for INR 50. The batata vada khichdi and the sabudana vadas are also worth a try.

If you’re running late for work and haven’t had the chance to eat breakfast, drop at Appa’s for a plate of poha or upama or matar udal. The service is pretty quick out here.



Burger at Mundhwa is pure bliss when it comes to heavily-stuffed burgers. This place is more about food and less about fancy ambience. The fillet chicken burger for INR 50 has minimum toppings and is prepared in just one sauce. But patty is delicious to the core! If you’re a steak person, order the chicken steak burger for INR 90. You can also opt for a glass of cold coffee or iced tea to go with your meal.


Jalebi Junction

Got a sweet tooth? Head to Jalebi Junction for a plate of hot jalebis served with cold creamy rabdi for INR 90. If you’re not done quite yet, try out their malpua with ice cream and dahi jalebi for INR 80.

If you want something to drink, go for either the special Rajasthani lassi {INR 75} or the kesar lassi {INR 80}. Getting a sugar rush already?


Hite Bar

One of the oldest joints for Middle Eastern delicacy, Hit Bar at Camp is known for their big fat shawarmas. The chicken shawarma with cheese and the chicken keema roll for INR 100 are highly recommended. Do try out their Irani sherbet for INR 40 or fresh fruit milkshakes that come for INR 30.

The restaurant is open till midnight and is the perfect fix for your hunger pangs!