Save Your Moolah & Rent Your Furniture From These Websites

Staying away from home can always be tricky which is why if you’re lucky enough to strike gold on your accommodation, the next step will be filling that space with amenities that make it your own. To help you do that, we’ve sourced six options for you, where you can get furniture on rent in Pune. Renting makes sense as you don't have to pay much, relocation and servicing is free, and you can change the designs as per your whims.


Started a few years ago, RentoMojo provides the convenience of rental furniture, with none of the commitment. In addition to the basic appliance and furniture packages, we love that they also have deals like the ‘Living Room Value’ (beanbag + unit + TV) for INR 977/month and a ‘Downey Bar Unit’ for INR 289/month. Operational across Pune and 7 other metro cities, and provide free maintenance, delivery & installation, and easy cancellation. They follow the ‘rent now, pay later’ model, with an easy cancellation policy.


Furlenco is all about flexibility. With a presence in 5 cities across India, they provide free relocation within and between these cities, once a year. Essential furniture combos start at INR 999/month, but you can also avail their ‘Build Your Own Package’ feature to customise it to your needs. Apart from furniture, storage, and appliances, Furlenco also provides soft furnishings (cushions, bedsheets, dhurries) as add-ons to your rental. You can even swap out pieces of furniture for new ones during the tenure, to change the look. First month’s rental, plus your PAN card, photo ID & address proof are required to be able to schedule delivery. A fully refundable security deposit of one month’s rent is required for all bookings, and a damage waiver of up to INR 10,000 limits your liability. Furlenco boasts free delivery and set-up in 72hrs, plus one free cleaning per year.


Not only do CityFurnish provide home and office furnishings and appliances, but they also rent out fitness equipment, so you can get healthy in the comfort and privacy of your house. Functional across Pune and five other cities, CityFurnish provides a variety of furniture packages for every budget. You can get a your bedroom package starting at INR 1500 that will include a bed and a LED TV. You can even tailor-make your own combo to suit your requirements starting at INR 999. With a fully refundable security deposit, free delivery & installation, and a transferable contract – it’s a great option over buying your own furniture. They even offer a free one-time relocation, as long as it’s within the same city. Submit your proof of ID, address, and post-dated rental cheques and you’re good to go! We love the minimalism in their styles, and think they’d be a stylish addition to any household.


RentOne makes renting anything in Pune a breezy and affordable business. In addition to their own inventory, they also allow third-party vendors to list everything from furnishings and appliances, to electronics, office rentals, music and sports equipment, party games, and even filmmaking gear. A basic furniture combo starts at INR 599/month and can go up to INR 2599/month {with appliances}, therefore choosing a longer tenure works out a cheaper rental cost. You can avail an extra discount by paying the entire amount at once. Service and maintenance is free – though some products come with their own set of T&Cs. You will need to provide a valid ID proof and rental agreement of your address, plus the first month’s rental in order to schedule and arrange delivery.


Whether it is a comfy bed or a side table, an ottoman or a dining table set, Fabrento has it all. Guests coming over and you don't own a dining table? rent it out for a low as INR 949 per month. Other than that, they have furniture for all kinds of rooms such as hall, bedroom, study, dining, kitchen etc. You can also rent out modern shelves for your books or a side table to keep your favourite lamp on. The rent includes maintenance, relocation, damage control and additional benefits.


Moved into your own space? save your trips to countless furniture stores and log onto the official website of Rent2Cash Pune. Rent premium furniture for home and commercial spaces from listings on this portal. Once you come across an ad matching your requirements, you can contact the owner and book your pieces.