Eat Away! Three Eateries Have Opened Up Under One Roof In Kothrud

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Eat a three-course meal, but mix it up by hopping to three different spots to eat each course. Located right under Joshi’s Miniature Railway Museum, you’ll find chaat, pizzas and desserts. O Bhaiyya, Let’s Rome and Good Batter Best are all under one roof, but are really three different entities by the same owner. 

O Bhaiyya

The second outlet of the chaat store, this little space is adjacent to Krusty’s and is open-air. The walls are a deep grey and the space is bright with an orange counter and sunny yellow chairs. Order some chaat, and your trip here will be worth it. We loved the Bhaiyyaji’s kachori, a flattish pyaaz kachori topped with sweet and spicy chutney, onions, tomatoes and sev. If you’re wondering what chaat should ideally taste like, this is the answer. They also do different dosa renditions with using a chila. The ginni chila was a good bet, but we’d make more trips just for their chaat. 

A meal for two will cost you about INR 400. For a quick snack, you can order some chat and wash it down with a refreshing shikanji.

Let’s Rome

A simple, casual eatery, Let’s Rome is ideal to get a slice of pizza. Unfortunately, restaurants in India still shy away from that concept. But order a whole one and you won’t be disappointed. The menu is small, making it easy to decide which pizza you want. Choose between a tomato or a cheese sauce for your pizza. We recommend trying a classic margherita or a veggie pestorio if you like pesto sauce. 

A meal for two will cost you about INR 350 here. It’s a great space to grab a quick lunch or to meet a few friends for lunch at and it’s super cost effective.

Good Batter Best

Only about two weeks old, the small dessert space sits between O Bhaiyya and Let’s Rome. With its pink and blue hues, it’s super cute, borderline Parisian and satiates the sweet tooth from waffles, crepes, pancakes and ice-cream. But the kid in us was most fascinated by the spinning display of ice-creams! It was designed like a tub, showcasing the different ice-cream flavours to choose from and it spinned, like a wheel. Choose from flavours like mocha almond, belgian chocolate, lavender mango, among others. They serve waffles, crepes and pancakes with chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, nutella and other usual suspects. 

A small cup of ice-cream will set you back INR 130, which we felt was too steep for the size of the scoop, but the ice-cream was soft and flavourful, so we won’t complain too much.