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Scarf It Up: This Brand's Prints & Styles Will Wrap You Stylishly

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What Makes It Awesome?

Honestly, who doesn't need a scarf in our country? Whether it's winter or summer, it adds style to your outfit, plus it's handy with all the pollution we're breathing in while walking around or riding our two-wheelers. While looking for scarves for several reasons, I stumbled across Rhe-Ana. And, I'm in love with the brand. 

It was established quite recently, in 2019 and their prints are trendy but because it's a local brand, it's all about Indian craftsmanship too. You'll find traditional art like embroidery, antique weaves and prints across their collection. But that doesn't mean that the brand's costly. Whether you're travelling or in the country, these scarves are chic wherever you go. After all, their products are made to meet international design and fashion standards. Plus, their designs are heavily inspired by the hues of nature, and the world around us.

With every new collection, Rhe-Ana challenges itself to create something that women across the globe will love and wear. From what's available of their collection on LBB's shop, I love the tassel-hem daisy-embroidery stole that's available in blue and mustard colours. It's a cotton, 180-inches long stole that you can wrap yourself in casually and formally too. The small floral design is minimalistic, almost and looks quite elegant. If you're looking for something simple, check out their fringe-hem solid-coloured stoles. They're made with linen, so they're ideal for the summer and are available in pink, turquoise and green hues. However, if you're looking for a dressier stole, check out their multi-coloured patch shimmery stoles, which have golden hues and will look great on a LBD at a party. 

Rhe-Ana works hard to offer luxury fabrics and products at more budget-friendly prices. And, the big plus is that their packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly.


Get their linen stoles for the summer, which are affordable and available in solid colours.