We Took A Tour Of This Boutique Nursery In Pune & Here's Everything We Bought For Under INR 500

    In the heart of Lane 5, Koregaon Park sits Rise N’ Shine Botanical Boutique  – an exclusive garden nursery started by Mrs. Bhagyashree Patil about a year ago. Featuring a selection of ornamental indoor and outdoor plants of all sizes, Rise N’ Shine is the place you need to go if you want to liven up your home with pretty foliage, or need to make a gift of it. Though the larger and more exotic plants like orchids, bonsai, etc. are quite expensive, we found 5 things that you can pick up for INR 500 or less.

    Money Plant

    Probably the easiest indoor plant to maintain, the Money Plants priced here are between INR 100 and INR 150. They can be grown in either water or soil, and do well indoors {as long as there is diffused sunlight}. They’re said to bring good luck {of the financial kind} and make for great house-warming presents!


    Not just for hipsters – succulent plants, starting at INR 100, are all the rage these days due to their cute miniature size and colourful, fleshy leaves. They don’t need much watering, and do well indoors. Rise N’ Shine sell a nice variety of them – leafy, prickly, and even the flowering kind.

    Aloe Vera

    If you have a terrace or balcony, then Aloe Vera is the plant for you! An evergreen member of the succulent family, this plant is the gift that keeps on giving. Low-maintenance, its fleshy leaves and natural ‘gel’, have many medicinal properties and can also be eaten either raw or cooked {it’s a superfood}. While the cost of a small aloe vera plant is INR 250, a bigger one will cost you INR 350.

    Pots & Planters

    Rise N’ Shine stock a variety of pots and planters in every size, pattern, and colour. We found some cute floral-embellished pots for INR 350, and large glazed ones for INR 1,300. They’re great for indoor plants, and make a much more decorative addition than the usual black plastic pots that plants are sold in.


    Priced at INR 500, Anthuriums make for good indoor plants, since they don’t need direct sunlight, and are relatively easy to maintain. Their waxy, red flowers make a stunning addition to any household, and are ideal for those who prefer plants over pets {anthuriums are toxic to cats and dogs}.


    Rise N’ Shine are also developing their website and online shop, so keep an eye out for that. For gifting, you can also find ready-made terrariums, or ask them to assemble one using the plants and accessories of your choice.