Adrenaline Junkies, Have You Visited Maharashtra's Biggest Bouldering Gym Yet?


Rock Aliens Climbing Gym

Shivajinagar, Pune

413, Arun Society, Shivajinagar, Pune


What Makes It Awesome?

Rock climbing is a seriously under-appreciated sport, and a great way to exercise your body from head-to-toe. We came across Rock Aliens Sports Climbing Gym – the first-of-its-kind speciality private indoor climbing gym, located in Shivaji Nagar.

Started by climber-friends Jay Shinde, Dhawal Sharma, and Tuhin Satarkar; Rock Aliens is a joint initiative of First Ascent Climbing Gym & InVenture Endeavors – who are pioneers of rock climbing training and trekking in the Sahyadris. Jay tells us that they started out with their first ‘wall’ at Tuhin’s house, and then decided to co-fund and open this gym together. They want to share their love for the sport, and to help people of all ages explore it in a fun and safe environment.

Rock climbing builds strength, social skills, and teamwork (through communication) and is a great activity to explore either solo or with your friends. Wall-to-wall hand-holds and foot-holds, colourful graffiti, and bright colours make this a super-inviting experience for those keen to explore their more adventurous side.

Rock Aliens know how to keep it fresh – every 3 months, they change/re-arrange the holds (which you grip while climbing) and about twice a year (every 6-8 months), they shift the angles and inclines of the walls – so you won’t get bored or too familiar with the layout of the gym. The gym has an overall 1,300 sq.ft. of climbing surface for you to tackle.

Open from 5.30PM – 9.00PM every day (except major holidays), it’ll cost you just INR 100 per session, or INR 1200 for a monthly pass. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for climbing and bouldering workshops.


Beginners, worry not. There are trained and experienced (and even award-winning) rock-climbing professionals to guide you through your first climb at the gym. If you want to compete professionally, a personal trainer can be arranged.