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Love Is In The Air: 7 Romantic Spots In Pune To Go To

    With Pune being such young city, dating is one of the biggest trends that people like the explore. Are you bored of the boring dinner and movie dates? Worry not! Break free from the cliche date ideas and head out to these romantic places in and around Pune with your S.O. 

    Osho Garden

    Osho Garden

    Koregaon Park, Pune

    If peace is what you and bae are looking for, head straight to Osho Gardens for a romantic evening. Stroll around this garden which is surrounded by lush green trees and is cut off from the hustle-bustle of the city. Sit under a tall tree and maybe every pack a small snack. You could even carry some board games to play a game of scrabble or monopoly out in the open.

    Mulshi Dam

    Go on a romantic picnic date at Mulshi dam on Mula River. Pack your favourite munchies and enjoy a perfect date with your love. If you’re the kind of couple that can’t do picnics, walk around the area. There are a number lakes and forts near the dam which are interesting to explore.

    Glamping At Bhatghar Dam Backwaters

    Bhatghar dam, which is 65 km away from Pune is known for its serene and romantic vibes. Take a break from city life and enjoy a glamping tour (camping in glamourous way), at the dam. You can enjoy some quiet time with your SO, eat BBQ food, enjoy birdwatching, music and bonfire.

    Hot Air Ballooning At Lonavala


    Lonavala, Pune

    What could be more romantic than enjoying a fabulous aerial view while wind is slapping your face? Take a hot air balloon ride with bae when in Lonavala and spend some quality time up above in the sky. There are several safari/balloon clubs there, where you can sign-up for a ride and have a blast. Check out several packages offered by the. Just a tip, you want to pop a question to your SO, do it miles above the ground!

    Okayama Friendship Garden

    Also known as the Japenese Pune Garden, the Okayama Friendship Garden is one of the most romantic spots in Pune that couples love to retreat to. Filled with bamboo plantations, raging waterfalls, thatch huts, Japanese constructions, rare plants, perfectly trimmed lawn, legendary straw bridges, and the well-kept pathways, this garden is a perfect destination to take a romantic walk amidst the abundant greenery. You can also spend a day here, reading or even playing board games together! 


    About 57km from Pune lies this hill station that serves as a quiet, quaint weekend retreat for romantic couples. Check in to a lakefront resort to enjoy fresh air of the hills, sweeping views of the green slopes all around, and to indulge in bar and restaurant hopping by the promenade.

    Fort Jadhavgadh/Dive Ghat

    In the mood for a luxurious getaway? Head to Fort Jadhavgadh, a beautiful 300 year-old heritage hotel that lies an hour away from Pune. The super luxurious rooms here are beautifully decorated with gold, silver and brass, with paintings and vases added for that extra royal touch. They have facilities for spa, a full service bar and restaurant oo! You can also try your hand at cow-milking and bullock cart riding here. Nestled in the hills with gorgeous views of the ghats all around, Fort Jadhavgadh makes for a romantic getaway over the weekend.