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We've Found The Most Romantic Restaurants In Koregaon Park For Date Nights

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Open-air, bright lights, cozy setting, delicious food, romantic decor —  Who doesn't enjoy a cozy dinner date with bae? Whether it's your first date or a silver jubilee, Koregaon Park has several romantic restaurants that offer amazing ambiance, awesome food, and beverages for all kinds of couples. 


Welcome to Pune's Brazil! Boteco is a one-of-a-kind Brazilian restaurant in lane 7 of Koregaon Park. It makes for a perfect date-night spot due to its cozy ambiance. If you want to experience fine dining with your spouse, we assure you this is one of the best places. It's where you can enjoy different types of beers and authentic Brazilian cuisine. Their must-try dishes include pao de quiejo, churrasco platter, meaty mains and quindim.

The Daily All Day

This restaurant has the quintessential 'meet and fall in love' vibe. The Daily All Day is a classy all-day diner in lane 7, KP that has the edgiest and sassy decor you'll see. The cuisine they prepare is exquisite and you'll fall in love with your bae at this place all over again. Try their specialty puff pastries, exotic mains, and tropical boozy concoctions. From their tropical cocktails, we picked the ‘Bombay Nasty’ – a refreshing concoction of dark rum, cucumber, mint, watermelon, coriander, and pineapple juice. 


Kargo is a quintessential pretty date place in KP which serves excellent exotic food. If you and your bae are foodies, there is nothing like this place. We recommend you try the spicy barbecue cottage cheese naanza, ramen bowls, pastas and finger foods. Their mango cheesecake is to die for. Your romantic meal cannot be complete without you and your S.O. digging into this dessert together. The classic decor is something you will love.

The Sassy Spoon

This European-themed place in lane 7 of KP is decor goals! If you love sitting in cozy cafes with the love of your life or simply chill in garden seatings, The Sassy Spoon is the perfect place to visit. Dig into the sinful desserts together, enjoy a cocktail or try something from the exotic menu, this is undoubtedly one of the most romantic restaurants in KP. Try their pasta, small plates and macarons for that perfect classy brunch.

One O Eight Cafe

If you are a calorie-conscious couple, this cafe is the one for you. For anything healthy and exotic, One O Eight Cafe is the place to be at. Situated in Koregaon Park, this place serves smoothie and acai bowls in the city. In the name of breakfast bowls, they have cacao berry bowls, dragon smoothie bowls, pink passion acai bowl and granola bowls, which you can savour for a healthy breakfast fare. Try the salads and small plates too. The decor is minimalistic, neat and colourful. In short, you will fall in love with the vibes.


Few things are more romantic than dining by candlelight under a canopy of some of Koregaon Park’s oldest trees. Dario’s is ideal for dinner with your S.O. for a long overdue date night. Featuring authentic Italian fare, the menu is balanced between heavy and healthy dishes, so there’s enough variety to choose from. Do not miss the delicious waffles and pizza that you and your S.O. will love.

Zen Cafe

Do you believe in the conventional 'coffee on first date'? Zen Cafe in KP is where you should visit. With serene vibe and zen decor, you will have a great time with coffee and a conversation with your date. Cafe Zen has a dedicated brew bar where they make artisanal coffee using methods like aeropress and pour over. We particularly enjoyed our smooth espresso martini with a tinge of hazelnut. The menu is very sophisticated and incorporates tons of homegrown and handpicked ingredients. We absolutely loved our teriyaki tofu with soba noodles and roasted pumpkin ravioli tossed in thyme butter sauce. Read more here

Arthur's Theme

One of the oldest restaurants in Pune, Arthur’s Theme in KP. It is known for its fine European cuisine, and a cozy romantic ambiance that makes for the perfect setting for a date night. The menu has an interesting way of showing dishes - they’re all named after people from Europe as well as Biblical characters. Victor of Ghoul, Quixote, Marie Curie, Czar and Napolatino are just some of the hot-sellers on this delicious menu. We highly recommend the delicious grilled fish fillet in pesto sauce (Czar) and the chicken steak (William III). Read more here.


Toscano is KP's romantic Italian restaurants that is situated in the place of Tertuilla. For your date nights, it's a classy space with a bar, outdoor seating and cozy vibes. If you love authentic pizzas and would ditch the 30-minute delivery chain pizzas; definitely try their sourdough base pizzas. Dig into creamy pastas and risottos while sipping on their potent cocktails. Check out our recommendation here.  


A classic gem of KP, Prem's has an outdoor garden seating and is known for candle-lit dinners in Pune. These things make this restaurant, a must-visit place if you’re out on a romantic date. With a long menu and a lot of options to choose from the North Indian cuisines, their specialty is their curries. A meal for two at Prem's will cost you around INR 1200 and the restaurant is open all days of the week from 8 am to 12:30 am.


One of the most adorable cafes in Pune, Pimlico has a romantic Alice In Wonderland kind of decor and cheery vibes. Order tasty bruschetta, milkshakes, pastas, pizzas and desserts on your date night and click a lot of amazing pictures. Read our recommendation here