Book This Awesome Rooftop Buffet Now!


    Recently visited Tarsh on Friday lunch, this was my first visit to this place. It's on the rooftop but has an indoor and outdoor setting as well..

    As i entered I started clicking pictures as the ambience was super cool and colourful. Perfect for a date or a get together too

    Lets talk about food.. I tried their lunch buffet which was huge. I was not able to try everything as I have only one stomach😂

    Loved their starters they have veg, chicken and even seafood starters in their buffet. Everything was super fresh, presentable and tasty. I also tried their mocktails which were tasty and the balance of flavours and sugar was perfect.

    Its a place where you will go again and again for sure.

    Go to this place to make your day better and create some great moments with your loved ones.