Stay Fit, Eat Clean: Roots Delivers Detoxifying Juices & Healthy Salads To Your Doorstep


Ritika Mathani and her endeavour, Roots, is serving good eating habits right at your door steps in Pune! From detoxifying juices to healthy and delicious salads, Ritika has more for you!

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Started in the year 2016, Roots by Ritika Mathani is established with a sole purpose of providing healthy dietary supplements to the health conscious crowd of Pune!

From delicious smoothies which are  interesting in flavours to granola by the jar and also various recipies which can be found on her Instagram and Facebook page, Roots has a treasure hold of products which are not just healthy but also detoxifying!

Anything Else?

One of their special services includes customised gifts of healthy products such as energy bars, cookies and much more for festivities! So this festive season, you can gift your near and dear ones, “The gift of health”.

So, We're Saying...

Let’s take our health seriously and dial up to Roots now!