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There's A Hipster Store In Pune That Has All The Cool Stuff For Senior Citizens

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What Makes It Awesome

Who said only young people are hipsters? We stumbled upon this bungalow store in Kalyani Nagar that is exclusive for the geriatrics. Let us take you through the innovative merchandise.

Originally an online store, it has over three lakh customers across India and boasts of 6,000 products ranging from medical to lifestyle. The products are modern, multi-purpose, innovative and extremely helpful in increasing the efficiency of the elderly. Brainchild of Tapan Mishra and Ayush Agrawal, Seniority has its first outlet inside a bungalow in Kalyani Nagar and we cannot help but admire the cool stuff.

Some of their products include nail cutters with a magnifying glass, which helps those with a poor vision. Apart from that, there is a portable smoothie maker, anti-slip socks, talking alarm clock, lazy glasses and much more. They also have a special range of flasks and tumblers that have an adhesive bottom and do not fall. Instead, they stick to the surface.

These products will make for an excellent gift for your grandparents or parents. Love music? There is nothing like the portable digital audio music player and caravaan range with different kinds of pre-loaded songs across all genres. This monsoon, buy a Magicbrella, which is an inverted umbrella with a C-shaped handle.

If you think that the store only caters to geriatrics, you are wrong. Even youngsters can find interesting items such as booksafe, a safe in the shape of a dictionary in which you can store your valuables. Traveling? Hiking? Score travel kits with toiletries that do not require water. They also have a range of skin and wellness products too.

If you are looking for products that will make your everyday life easier and are technically advanced, you must check out their products. We love how they have incorporated the basic science into their designs.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000