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This KP Aqua Spa Has Zero-Gravity Flotation Therapies That Will Help You Beat The Heat


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Luxury has no bounds and this aqua spa in KP proves it. Relax, rejuvenate and beat the heat as you float in a state-of-the-art water tank at Shalom Mind & Float Spa. The brainchild of Binny Paul, a Certified Water Specialist(CWS-1) and his wife Tressa Binny, Shalom Float & Mind Spa incorporates the technique of flotation to relieve you from stress and pain.

    How does this work? You will spend about 60 minutes at a RelaxoPod, a nine-feet deep flotation tank in the shape of an oyster. The tank holds about 2/3 water and 1/3 Epsom salt. The salt adds density to the water, which keeps your body afloat, sans any effort, against gravity. It’s almost like the floating on the Dead Sea which, as most people would know, is a hyper-saline lake in Israel.

    Is it relaxing? More than you can imagine! The RelaxoPod is completely soundproofed and light-trapped. So, basically you’re floating inside an absolute quiet dark space. This has an immediate effect on your body that will start releasing stress-related hormones and there is a natural spike in the neurochemical levels. Result? You’re happier, your body is at rest and you there is total mental relaxation.

    The epsom salt, on the other hand, doesn’t only make your body buoyant, but also softens your skin and hair and detoxifies your entire body. For your float session, they will provide you with everything from towels to shampoo, soap, earplugs and hairdryer, free of charge. For bookings, you can call them. The packages depend upon the time and start at INR 1500 for a 60-min session. 

    For those who have claustrophobia, we recommend you to keep the lights on inside the tank. However, we think after a couple of sessions, you’ll be more comfortable with the lights turned off.

    That's not all! Apart from the floatation therapy, they also offer other therapies such as fir sauna, halotherapy, biowell body scan, and PEMF therapy. These treatments are one-of-a-kind and pay attention to elements such as heat, scan and a lot more that heal a particular aspect of your body. 


    Make a note to not shave before your session. The water contains high amount of epsom salt, which can make your freshly-shaven or waxed skin itchy!