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Shop For Art Under INR 500 From An Artist Who Sits Out Of A Cafe In KP


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Have you visited French Window Patisserie in Koregaon Park recently? Then, you might have come across an artist selling his paintings and sketches. 

    Originally from Ahemadnagar, Shantaram Bhate specialises in still life, abstract art and landscapes. He predominantly works with water colours, acrylic paints and paints and sketches some simple pieces that the walls of your home could adorn. He also works with calligraphy. The best part is that he sells his work starting at INR 400. So if you're looking to buy art on a budget, this is your go-to artist.

    Bhate, who assists his father in farming back in his hometown, comes down to Pune at least once a week to be able to sell his paintings to support his family. We suggest that you give him a call and check his availability. Bhate's conditions which are a little grim, do not find a way into his paintings. Instead, his paintings are made using bright colours and have a lot of positive expression in them.

    You can always find a small corner in your home that could wear a few of the paintings. If you don't like any from the existing lot, Bhate also does commissioned work. Given how cheap his artwork on paper is, we are optimistic that if you want an entire wall mural done from him, it's going to be pretty reasonable too.


    Pick up a sketch or a painting under INR 500 and get it framed. If you're an artist too, we spotted a few easels for sale too that you could use.