Get High On Food: 5 Alcohol-Infused Dishes You Need To Try Right Now

Imagine cakes, ice cream, chicken and even street-food with alcohol infused in it. Pretty tipsy, right? So, here’s our list of alcohol infused food items you must try before the year ends.

Flambé Gulab Jamun

Available at Texas Tower for INR 225, this royal Indian dessert is made of brandy, ice cream and a sizzling brownie. For more information check out our recommendation here.

Rum Baba

This dessert, available at Oh! So Stoned, is as good as as your winter with rum should be. Imagine indulging in rich coffee ice cream, chocolate dipped rum balls soaking in rum fudge for only INR 219.


Oh So Stoned


Tower 2, World Trade Center, Retail Unit 3, Ground Floor, Kharadi, Pune


Sharabi Puchka

If you’re a true bong who is missing home, you should head to Thikana to try out the Bengali styled pani puri with Tequila infused ‘imli pani’ for INR 280.

Casual Dining


Sushila Apartment, 1995, FC Road, Shivajinagar, Pune



If you’re having a meat craving try out the Penda at Author’s Theme for INR 270. It is chunks tenders marinated and grilled to the perfection and cooked with bourbon whiskey.

Casual Dining

Arthur's Theme


Vrindavan Apartment, 2, Lane 6, Off North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune


Strawberry Daiquiri

Priced at INR 90 this homemade strawberry and lime cupcake is infused with white rum and served with a beautiful icing that also has sufficient amount of white rum in it. If you want to place order {minimum order of 6 } for this call Janvi at 8+9187969072.


Culture - Pune

Survey 1195/6-A, Next To Tukaram Paduka Mandir, Ghole Road, FC Road, Pune