Branded Yet Affordable! Five Shops In Pune You Can Buy Sneakers At For Under INR 1,000

Pratyusha posted on 03 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

The rich, bustling street markets in Pune offer lookalikes of A-list footwear brands for very affordable price, so you can own the best styles without burning a hole through your pocket! We list our favourites:

But before we get into it, the tip for all of the stores listed below is to BARGAIN! The salesman almost always quote above INR 1000, especially if the copy has the label of a brand. But bring your best game to the table. A good standard quote to begin with would 50-60% of their quote and then slowly increase it to meet them midway based on how they respond to your quote.

Phantom, FC Road

Located at the absolute start of FC road {where the flyover connects from Junglee Maharaj Road}, Phantom is a small men’s fashion store that should not be ignored. You can find affordable sneakers and sports shoes starting at INR 799 {on paper, but you should be able to bargain}. They also have a set of that starts at 999 and goes up till INR 3500 in case you want something a little more upscale. Or if you want to pipe it down further, there’s a rack full of sports shoes placed just outside the store, all of which cost just INR 399! Quality seemed decent for the price, and will easily last you 8 -10 months of regular use.

So paging all the cool guys that are looking to up their sportswear game: If you’re on FC Road, do check Phantom out and let us know what you thought!

Contact: Kiran – 8087871413

Clothing Stores

Trimbak-Smruti, Shop 3, Opp. Kaka Halwai, FC Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

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Kesariya Collections, FC Road

If there’s one thing girls are complaining about, it’s their lacking wardrobe – nothing’s ever good enough to wear. Guess it’s a good thing then, that finding the perfect sneaker to go with your spunky outfit is so cheap and easy. Head to Kesariya Collections opposite All for Small on FC Road for a good variety to choose from. They have the whole of the first floor of their store dedicated to shoes. We loved that and so will you! Also, mad props to Sajid for the hospitality with which he treated us!

Contact: Sajid- 7769944126

Shoe Stores

Asmani Plaza, Shop 2, Goodluck Chowk, Pulachi Wadi, FC Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

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More stores around FC Road

While at FC Road, do check out Shop n.2, right next to Wadeshwar for some great variety in sneakers! They also had us super excited with great looking all-stars Converse and a good range of pumps, all ranging between INR 400 and INR 600.

Also, you may want to head to JM Road, a few hundred metres away and check out Real Shoes at Bhisale Shinde Arcade, on the ground floor. What we loved most about their range was the bright neon colours and great variety. You’ll need to bargain quite a bit, but it’ll totally be worth it if you can crack the deal.

Shoe Stores

Bhosale Shinde Arcade, Shop G-34, Pulachi Wadi Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

Maxo Shoes, Kolsa Galli

Kolsa Galli is a small by-lane in Camp, that has become widely known for its footwear market over the past 4 decades. Today it is lined with foot wear stores all along, but Maxo shoes was one of our favourites.

The showroom is pretty big with the ground floor for men and the first floor for women. We love the variety of styles they have- from formals to loafers to converse to running shoes, and in sorts of colours! They have pretty good knockoffs starting at INR 700 and going all the way up till INR 3500. We loved a black and purple piece that you should check out {you have to hurry though, it’s one of their most popular pieces this season}.

Contact: Amin- 7798917049

Shoe Trendz, Kolsa Galli

Another store in a little further in Kolsa Galli, Shoe Trendz opened about 4 years ago, and has a good set of first copies by many brands, both in the laced shoes as well as in loafers and pumps. Their range is relatively smaller than the other stores on this list, but the quality seemed pretty good for the price! This is another store where we were floored by the patience of the salesperson and his determination to find something that would satisfy us.

But do remember that they only have collections for men.

Contact: Sandeep- 7757997053

Shoe Stores

397, Kolsa Galli, Camp, Pune

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More Stores around Camp

Kolsa Galli is lined with footwear outlets and you might find the same model in another shop but get a better deal, so do check those out before you make a purchase. We really liked Roshanz, Bright Shoe and Dyna, all in Kolsa Galli.

On MG Road, give Funky a glance. It is primarily a sportswear store but they do keep quite a few shoes, and you might get lucky.

Besides these, we saw a few stores at the rear end of Clover Centre {750m away from Kolsa Galli} that you could check out if you have more time on your hands.