Delhi's Sleepy Owl Coffee Is Now Available In Pune & Their Cold Brews Are What You Need This Summer


Caffeine addicts, we’ve got great news! Sleepy Owl Coffee – the cold-brew specialists from Delhi – are now shipping their DIY Brew Packs to Pune.

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Sleepy Owl Coffee was started in 2016 by three friends – Arman, Ajai and Ashwajeet. Although their instant coffee to-go boxes are only available in NCR, we’re quite thrilled to know that their Brew Packs are now available to-order in Pune.

What makes it different – and way better than your average store-bought latte – is the quality of their coffee. Sourced from Chikmagalur, Sleepy Owl’s coffee comes from single-origin Arabica beans, roasted in small batches. This lends them their signature ‘chocolaty’ and ‘nutty’ flavour that goes down smooth, isn’t too bitter and is much less acidic.

Each of their Brew Packs contains five filter-bags of coffee, with each yielding around 3 cups of coffee {individually}. It’s super easy to make – all you have to do is pop one of the sachets into cold water, and leave it to brew overnight {we hear 22hrs is the perfect amount}. Once you have your brew ready, you can customise it with milk and sugar as per your preference {or drink it straight up}. The cold brew can stay fresh for up to a month in your fridge.

So, We're Saying...

BYOB – Be Your Own Barista, and take your caffeine fix to the next level with Sleepy Owl! One Brew Pack will cost you INR 500 {for 5 filter bags} – and it’ll save you time and money, in our opinion. You can order via their website here, and contact +91 99304 12762 for any further queries.