Travel With These Offbeat Online Agencies For A Unique Experience

Travelling is always refreshing and a much wanted break in life. Enjoying at a place that's peaceful, off travel guide books and the hustle and bustle of the city is becoming more and more popular. So, we have a list of some crazy, quirky travel agencies who will take you to places unexplored.

The Wanderers

Their genre of “travelling without boundaries” offers you a diverse mix of tour ideas and destinations attracting “wanderers” and  “explorers”. The tasteful travellers who crave uncommon, out-of-the-box, personalised experiences, this is the perfect website to check out and book on, creating and carving your own trip. They offer some thrilling journeys, explanatory trips, experiential travelling, romantic holidays, peculiar conference venues, unconventional luxury, adventure camps, development programs; so many options that the unknown path journeys will turn you into a fine storyteller. Their winter specials, offbeat thrills, spending time with your family, solo trips and expeditions in India and abroad amongst others will spoil you for choice. The packages come around INR 1,00,000.

No Thepla Holidays

A Pune-based startup, they are in love with the idea of “taking a break”. A company founded to impend from the typical Indian travel routine, the aim is to offer kinds of holiday packages that are more than the destination, relishing in the events happening around the place, which people generally refrain from indulging into. Whether it's a music festival or a pub crawl or even sitting at a bar cheering the local football club, they don’t want you to miss out on the important stuff at any place. From laughing in Laos, smoking in Cambodia to experiencing in the intoxicating Israel, Diwali in Bali and popping through Portugal, they have enthralling trips you won’t be able to deny. Their packages come down to around INR 55,000 per person. Check out their funky website for more.

Camp Monk

This online travel website will take you to some unusual, unconventional locations for an equally thrilling and eccentric experience. From Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttaranchal Pradesh to Maharashtra and many such states and sites, the activities, destinations, camping sites hosted are beyond the regular expectation and imagination. You will get to enjoy pristine, zero pollution nature in Karnataka with kayaking, hiking, wildlife, while Jammu and Kashmir will give you glamping, trekking, fishing and white water rafting. You can check out their website for more detailed information, itinerary, pricing with generally starts around INR 1,000 but can vary according to the camp and chosen options of activities.


Specialising only in the North Eastern region of India and Tripura, this travel website believes in limitless fun with responsible tourism. It aims at bridging the world with the ignored, culturally and ecologically rich seven sisters, abundant with natural beauty and greenery through tourism. We recommend you to travel with them for some local and genuine adventures, which will give you a slice of this hidden gem. Trek to the lush green hilltops, dive deep into long caves, walk on the natural root bridges, meeting the headhunters and explore the unseen while enjoying the traditional and local food and delicacies, getting to know their unique culture and customs and meet the friendly, warm people. You can also create your own tour by choosing your destinations and activities. Their website has some great information which you must check out. It can cost a person from INR 3,000 and above.

The Backpacker Co

India’s first experiential travel company, this company aims at offering experience-based informal travels full of unforgettable, unique encounters, way out of the typical guide books. Believing that travelling is the expression of the soul,  be it solo travelling or with your gang, the team would love to curate for you unique and memorable holidays packed with local experiences and plenty of room for impromptu detours. So take the road less travelled, stumble upon some hidden gem. Travel in Japan, Europe, Russia, watch the Northern lights,  explore all by yourselves. No guides to take you around, your freedom and time is in your hands. They have special tours like only the girl gang, or going around with your partner, Christmas special, winter specials in Turkey or their Western Rocker covering Barcelona, Paris, Italy, Amsterdam and Brussels. Check out their wonderfully designed website for more fun trips.their basic package starts from around INR 50,000.