College Discounts, Alcohol & More: Here's Why Imagica Is Still Fun As An Adult


    Too old for Imagica? Nope. Here’s a handful of reasons why we think you and your gang would really enjoy a trip to Imagica.

    College Privilege

    Lucky for some, Imagica has great rates for college students – all you need is your current year student ID. There are plenty of student offers which cover everything from a regular ticket to an express ticket + meal package. The cheapest tickets to the Theme Park are available on Tuesdays – with the added bonus of the park being less crowded with families and boisterous kids. What more could you want?


    Imagica is 80 – 85 km away from Pune, which is approx an 1 hr and 30 mins – 2 hrs by car via the Expressway or the Old Highway. There’s an Imagica bus service from Pune for INR 599/person (pick-up and return) with 5 locations and timings for your convenience.

    You could turn it into a road trip with your squad! Or, you could even go one step further and book a ‘Ghar Se Ghar Tak’ Travel + Ticket + Meal package, which makes sense if you’re a group of four to six friends.

    Let Out The Inner Child

    Let’s be honest, you know your inner child is secretly *dying* to sit on those rides and scream your heart out, even though you’ve got to act nonchalant and cool on the outside. Remember all those times you wanted to go to a theme park as a kid, but couldn’t? Well, nobody can stop you now – plus, you’re {hopefully} tall enough to go on all the rides at Imagica. Yay!

    Speaking of Rides...

    You’ll get a few giggles out of the family-friendly attractions like Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor and Mr. India {yes, based on the ’80s Bollywood movie} but trust us – the best is yet to come. Nothing beats a natural adrenalin rush like the one you’ll get riding Nitro {which we’ve heard is a young person favourite}, Dare 2 Drop, or the Scream Machine – all of which will have you lining up for round two! Just remember not to eat or drink beforehand, or you’ll be barfing all over your besties.

    Food & Drink

    There are 5 restaurants that cater to almost every craving, of which 3 serve alcohol. Wind down with a drink and some nibbles at Arrmada (a fan favourite), hunker down on a good ol’ burger and fries at the Red Bonnet American Diner, or dive into juicy kebabs and more, at the Zeze Bar+Grill.


    In addition to the thrilling rides, Imagica also boasts a fleet of entertainers. From B-boyers and BMX bikers, to magicians and acrobats – we think they’d all make an interesting photo-op for Instagram. Stay for the parade at 5:30pm, which features music and performances by many of the quirky Imagica characters.


    Carry a battery pack for your phone, as charging points are scarce. Wear the right gear as per the weather – windcheaters, hats, umbrellas, etc. and make sure to wear comfy shoes.