Craving Homemade Food? Check Out This Place For Homemade Snacks, Sweets & More


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Kick-starting the festivity mode with some delicious sweets and snacks from Satvik Homemade Food. Taste and Quality of the things delivered were amazing. All are prepared at home with hygiene and care.

    In snacks we tried:
    * Pohe Chiwda
    * Namak Pare
    * Chakali
    * Chatpata Triangles
    * Methi Mathari

    And in sweets, we tried :
    * Dink Ladoo
    * Besan Ladoo
    * Shankarpare
    * Rava Ladoo
    * Gul Shengdane Ladoo
    * Udid Ladoo

    Everything delivered were exquisite and delectable.

    Order yourself and try on their amazing food. For placing the order, pls contact.