Bookmark These Five Stationery Stores On S.B. Road If You Are A Symbi Kid

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Symbiosis peeps studying at the S.B. Road campus, we found five stationery stores on the road for all your stationery needs. From notebooks to pens, these stores have got everything. The best part is most of them are even printers who offer special discounts for bulk orders. Take a look.

Yashvi Enterprises

Located at the beginning of S.B. Road, you will find Yashvi Enterprises. The store majorly does printing work and you can get your thesis book done over here. They also do xeroxes, scanning, binding and much more. Along with that the store also has basic stationery such as pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.

Shraddha Enterprises

Ahead of Yashvi Enterprises, you will spot Shraddha Enterprises. This stationery store also has a few gifting options available with them. The store also does all kinds of printing and provides special discounts for bulk orders. At this store you will find all kinds of basic stationery available with them. 

Rohit Copiers & Stationery

As the name suggests, Rohit Copiers and Stationery is mainly a copy store. You can also get all kinds of printouts form here. The store also offers special discounts for bulk orders. You will also find basic stationery available with them. They also have things like paper cutters, cello tapes and more.

Suraj Copiers & Stationers

A little ahead of Rohit Copiers and Stationery, you will locate Suraj Copiers & Stationers. The store is a hub for all kinds of stationery such as pens, notebooks, full scape sheets and more. You will also find basic computer parts or extensions such as keypads, mouse, etc. They also provide xerox services and printing services. 

Fountain Enterprise & Xerox

A rather simple store, Fountain Enterprise & Xerox has got you covered for all your stationery needs. The store has a number of basic stationery such as highlighters, notepads, notebooks, pens, pencils, drawing pencils and more. The store also offers xerox and printing services.