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Shop For Your New Garden From This Hidden Nursery In Baner

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Living in Pune comes with the perks of having a balcony, no matter what part of the town you are in. It’s a great deal for those amongst us who love plants and love gardening as a hobby. If you too are the one who goes gaga over greenery, you have got to check out Sunny Roses in Baner. 

    Nestled in the lane next to Funky Kona, Sunny Roses is a huge nursery that's quite literally hiding. It's spread over an estimated area of an acre and has a small well on its property too. The bonus over here is that this well is a host to a number of cute little weaver birds and it's a sight to see them build their nests.

    The nursery has over a thousand species of plants in their garden; varying from flowering to non-flowering and some vegetable plants too. They also have a separate section for indoor plants, all of which are well-categorised according to their biological families, flowering, non-flowering and between indoor and outdoor plants as well. The prices over here start at INR 20 and can go up to INR 8,000. 

    This nursery has an extensive collection of bonsais as well. These could be kept indoors but, majority of them are the outdoor ones. We also found some really beautiful roses in various different styles. If you have the space and luxury to be able to create your own little lotus pond, you could do that with their help. You will also find kitchen garden plants such as ajwain, chilli, curry leaves, lemon and other basic plants. If you are that person who loves having succulents on their desk, you will find a large variety of that as well. 

    The nursery also offers landscaping services. Depending upon the area and the kind of design that you would want, the prices start at INR 60 per sq.ft.