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Get Fit At This Open-Air Gym That Gives Free Sunday Sessions To All

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Are you tired of those air-conditioned, fancy looking gyms with loud music? Then sweat it out the old-school way! Team J Bars at ARAI tekdi in Kothrud is an open-air, no fuss, bare minimum gym that’ll get you in shape the right way.

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Brainchild of Govind, a 28-year-old calisthenics and street exercise trainer, Team J Bars challenges the mundane techniques of weight and fat loss through its unique yet definite ways. While most of the commercial gyms lure you with their expensive body-building packages, this open-air independent workout system concentrates in extensive strength and core building. ‘Fat loss is just a small part of getting fit’, says Govind. And we couldn’t have agreed more.

Now, what to expect at Team J Bars? The open space has nothing but a couple of parallel double bars. And, trust us, that’s all you need! At Team J Bars, you’ll be introduced to calisthenics. What does this mean? A combination of exercises that involve a variety of motor movements and the maximum usage of your body weight. Basically, Govind will make you run, sprint, do hardcore pull and push-ups, planks, battle ropes, crunches, mountain climbers and more. You will be using muscles that you never knew exist.

Now, the reality check. This high-intensity workout will make you sweat like never before and of course, there will be muscle soreness and pain. But, that’s a part-and-parcel of fitness. The best part is you don’t have to use any sort of external equipment at here. All you need is to hold your body weight and keep going.

The workout sessions are group-based and Govind personally caters to all. You need to come on just three days – Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 7.00 AM and 8.00 AM. Every day is dedicated to different parts of your body – upper, lower, arms, legs and the core. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, you’ll be doing yoga asanas to improve your flexibility. This can be done at home and Govind will chart out the movements for you.

Price: INR 500 per month {group session}

Anything Else?

We keep the best news for last! Govind gives ABSOLUTELY free sessions on body weights, every Sunday at ARAI tekdi, between 7 and 8 in the morning. Besides, he also conducts tons of free yoga, Tabata and cardio sessions. Follow the Facebook page for more update.

To get a better understanding of calisthenics, we highly recommend you get in touch with Govind at 9881196827, or simply write to him at

So, We're Saying...

It’s a different feeling altogether to workout in open air, amidst greenery and hills. Besides, Govind is an awesome trainer, very encouraging and highly supportive of all his students.