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Check Out This Café With Indian & Korean Fusion Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Café Peter started back a decade ago has now become a thriving brand. The café is known for cosy vibes and attractive ambience, it is also popular for its food which serves English breakfast, a fusion of Indian, Korean and Japanese. They especially focus on dessert and bakery products from South Korea and Japan.

We were savoured some of the impressive delicacies.

Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice with Omelette on the top. The best experience for me, sunny side up egg along with spicy fried rice well goes with fries. It was spicy but tasty, with proper tenderized chicken pieces in it. The fries were crisp which help to balance the heat of Kimchi. Highly recommended for this dish here.

Veg Mexican Pizza, the thin crust with loads of topping of jalapenos, sweet corns, capsicum and add-on mushrooms. The perfect pizza experience with crisp crust and loads of cheese with a slight spice from jalapenos. Recommended to try this.

Oriental Sizzler, the very well done but rice in it does not appeal while veggies in it were quite impressive. Rice was slightly overpowered in soy sauce and was a stick in the bottom. Bite-size veggies like broccoli, all colour bell pepper and onion with mild spice flavours of spice were quite was the awesome sauce was done well. Request to serves along with little fries or nuggets to make it more impressive.

Also, have their signature shakes, Peter Cookie Crunch and Blueberry Cookie Shake both are up to mark and highly recommended. The light, airy and melt in mouth whipped cream on top of it was just sinful experience. The coffee flavour in Peter Cookie Crunch was a little bit sharp which need to be toned but thick consistency stands great with cookies flavour in it. Blueberry Cookie Crunch was done to perfection in sweetness and thick consistency.

For dessert, we had Strawberry Cheesecake, on the honest note I was expecting the strong flavours of Strawberry which I don't like but this is not the case here. It was mild in flavour with strawberry topped of it. Cream Cheese with sweet and mild aromatic flavours of strawberry was appealing base prepared from gram crackers crumb with a slight note of butter was damn good.

The place certainly has good vibes and the atmosphere makes one relaxed. The best place to check in here with friends, family or work from here.

The staff are polite and helpful in selecting dishes from the menu the service was quick, will be here for more interesting and signature dishes.

Happy Eating!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids