When Life Gets Hectic, Meditate Under The Stars & Stay In A Tent At This Farm

    What Is It?

    Meditate under a thick canopy of tall trees, listen to the birds chirp as the sun rises in the distance, pitch a tent, play with dogs and cook an organic meal at The Farm on NDA Road.

    A Retreat To Remember

    Run by conservation biologist, Pooja Bhale since 2010 as a project undertaken by the Protecterra Ecological Foundation, The Farm aims at creating a natural habitat for man, flora and fauna. It’s all about going back to the basics to build a harmonious sustainable ecosystem for all living forms.

    Now, before you book your stay or visit at this lovely place, here’s what you should know. The Farm is not your quintessential nature resort with well-decked up rooms and lavishing amenities. It’s bare minimum, quiet and sublime. And, that’s perhaps the best thing about the place! You will find a couple of huts and handmade rudimentary structures, constructed out of natural and recycled material. There’s a quaint treehouse, water holes for animals, a community hall of sorts, around 1,600 trees, exotic flora, undisturbed fauna and a knowledge cafe that serve as a venue for writers, painters, sculptors and more.

    Overnight stays at The Farm is a different experience altogether. You can rent a tent or stay in a small hut with soft mattresses and pillows.

    Why Should I Go?

    For the ultimate detoxing for your mind and soul! The Farm offers everything from full moon meditations to yoga therapies, organic farming, various kinds of workshops and healing trails with your furry buddy. What else? Learn how to make face packs, body scrubs, organic insect repellants and hair packs with homegrown natural ingredients and essential oils.

    Biblophiles, we highly recommend you to join their eco-library. The book club boasts of over 800 books on ecology and environment, collected from all over the world. Educational field trips, activity-based workshops and documentary screenings are organised from time to time by the club. Get in touch with them on Facebook or write to Rohan Atrawalkar at rohansa96@gmail.com for more details.

    Anything Else?

    You can become a member with The Farm and do your bit for the society. Adopt a tree for INR 500 or adopt a bird nest for INR 1,000 for a month or adopt and take care of a cat or a dog. For details on membership, click here.

    So, We're Saying...

    Besides nine cute doggos, Pooja also has 22 cats and three goats. So, book your stay/visit at The Farm, play with the animals, read a book inside a tree house, go on a nature’s trail and find your inner peace for real!