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Eat Out Of Hand-Painted Copper Utensils From This Local Brand

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What Makes It Awesome?

Using pure copper utensils for storing and drinking water, has been an age-old custom in every Indian household. If you are one to still follow that practice but are looking for a modern designs, we found The Khaneej Store in Shivajinagar. Here you can get copper crockery decorated that's hand-painted. 

Started by the mother-daughter duo, Priya Nagarkar and Tanvi Nagarkar, it is a passion turned into profession. A lover of painting since childhood, her paintings have adorned and beautified several walls in Pune. With The Khaneej Store as a new venture - which only took root last year - she wanted to experiment with crockery. Realising the need of the hour, she chose copper. From earthen to urban: that's the motto of her store, with which she aims to bring more and more traditional ware to this contemporary setup. 

They have an array of pots, glasses, kettles, plates, jars, bowls, jugs amongst the other variety. The starting price is INR 1200, and it increases depending on the intricacy of the designs. A pair of glasses comes down to INR 1550, while a smokey kettle is priced at INR 2400. You can get a bronze bowl for INR 2300, but all brass bowls are priced at INR 1300.

Customisation is always welcome, we suggest you let her recommend and guide you through the process. You can choose the design you want, the way you want it to be done or just pick one of the readymade pieces from their collection. You can also give your own utensils, or select the metal of your choice and get it painted. You can also buy from their stall at exhibitions or directly contact them on their Facebook handle.

What Could Be Better?

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