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Elevate Your Kitchen With Clay Plates & Pots For Your Home


    This brand has clay plates, bowls and other dish-ware that you can actually show off. Pune-based brand, The Pottery Den has the prettiest designs in so many colours and they keep changing their collection every three months.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    The city’s Archana Deshpande and Vaishnavi Chitale’s love for pottery and clay transcended into clay-ware that’s functional and looks good all at once. And with their brand, they’ve brought back the functional use of pottery and added their own designs to make it more modern.

    Salad bowls, cutlery, pizza plates, chip and dip plates, mugs, measuring cups, salt and pepper shakers, vases, planters among several other knick knacks are available by the brand. You can add something either to your tableware, dinnerware or simply use their little plates to stash keys or as a jewellery dish to keep your trinkets safe.

    Their designs are intricate and have a mix of traditional with modernity. All their products are made of pure clay but are in sync with technology and are microwave and dishwasher-friendly. Further, their pizza plates are made to fit store-bought pizza bases, so you can directly put the toppings and ship off the plate to the oven to bake.

    You’ll find your traditional dinnerware and cookware needs satiated too. The Pottery Den is ideal if you want to pick up cool items that are functional but can also pose as great home decor and look like art on the shelves. And, their prices are affordable too and products begin at INR 150 only.


    Their indigo collection looks as pretty as a picture. Stock up soon before the collection switches.