Indulge In Guilt-Free Brownies & Super-Healthy Smoothie Bowls From This Delivery Place



    If you think healthy meals taste bland and look dull, you’ve clearly not come across the mouthwatering and extravagantly colorful healthy treats by The Vigour Kart.

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    Scroll through the Instagram page of Vigour Kart, and you’ll be pleasantly taken aback with the colours in every dish they present. No, we aren’t talking about added colours. Every dish by this delivery-only place features a plethora of seasonal fruits and greens. Naturally a bowl filled berries, grapes, pineapples, kiwi, cherries, acai and beetroot will have every color known to mankind!

    We love the stuffed smoothie bowls by Vigour Kart. Perfect to kick-start a day, these healthy smoothies include chia seed, non-dairy milk, honey or maple syrup, muesli, coconut flakes, fruits and berries. Try the nutty banana bowl for INR 300 or the mixed berry and vanilla bowl for INR 350.

    For lunch, we highly recommend you go for their tomato feta quinoa salad for INR 250. If you want to add meat to that, it’ll cost you INR 280.

    Need something to keep you going through the day? The vitamin combo juice made of apples, berries and oranges is a must. Priced at INR 150, the drink will keep your metabolism high and help you burn those extra calories.

    Who said you can’t indulge in to something sweet when you’re eating clean. At The Vigour Kart, it’s all about breaking myths! Starting at INR 250 for a tub of 300 ml, the vegan ice creams out here are a must-try. We are totally in love with dark chocolate cherry and matcha coconut.

    Lastly, something for your midnight sweet cravings. Check out this guilt-free, sugar-free, vegan brownie with an irresistible dark chocolate ganache.

    Anything Else?

    You can also get yourself a monthly subscription with The Vigour Kart. If you’re going for the salad bowl, it’ll cost you INR 2,640 for a veg bowl, three days a week, 12 bowls a month.

    The non-veg salad bowl is priced at INR 3,00, three days a week, 12 bowls a month.

    The breakfast bowls range between INR 3,360 and INR 5,600, depending on what plan you take.

    There’s something called the Combination bowl too. It includes two salad and two breakfast bowls at INR 4,200 for four days a week, 16 bowls a month.

    For more details, click here.

    So, We're Saying...

    Loved what you saw? Call at 8007414448 and order a healthy meal from The Vigour Kart.

    Timing: Mon-Sat; 10.00 am – 6.00 pm