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Trying To Get Healthy? Check Out Salads & Chia Seed Puddings From The Vigour Cart

Felicia posted on 03 July

What Makes It Awesome

I found this place on Zomato. They don't have a physical outlet, but do home deliveries across the city. The packaging was neat and tidy with eco-friendly bags. I order from the same place once a week and all the times I have received 100% fresh and delicious food on time. My first order was a bowl of balsamic chicken salad at INR 250, and it was a different experience altogether. The combination of the sour berries, creaminess of the feta, the freshness of the vegetables and leaves with a perfectly balanced balsamic vinaigrette was amazing. My second order was chocolate chia pudding for breakfast. Ever imagined eating chocolate for breakfast, that too guilt-free? It was rich, yummy and so filling. It comes in a 250 ml bowl with dry fruits, nuts and raisins.

What's My Pro Tip?

If you're ordering a salad it can be done 45 minutes prior to delivery time, but the chia pudding must be ordered at least a day prior.

Anything Else?

This is a must for those who are trying to be healthy.

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