5 Super-Cool Things To Buy, Only If You're Left-Handed


You can now toss the notion that everything is designed for the right-handed, into the bin. We found five super-cool things online that are specially designed for the left-handed. 

Myleft Geometry Box

This MyLeft geometry box at INR 99, consists of MyLeft ruler scale, MyLeft pouch, two pencils, one triangular eraser and MyLeft metallic sharpener. It is an absolute delight for lefties as it enables free hand movement and ease while using the tools.

Left-Handed Keyboard

We found this keyboard specially designed for lefties between the range of INR 11,539 to INR 18,000. The arrow keys, enter, delete and scroll up/down keys among other major keys which are normally placed on the right, are clustered on the left making it ideal for the left-handed who spend all day working on the computer.

Juarez Acoustic Guitar

We recommend this acoustic guitar with 18 frets starting from INR 2,490, for all the left-handed musicians. Made from Linden Wood, the guitar effectively combines an innovative design, keeping in mind, free hand movement of the lefties as well as produces good quality sound.

Left-Handed Calligraphy Paperback

We found a paperback guide for lefties who wish to master the art of beautiful handwriting. Starting at INR 853, the book contains calligraphy, lettering and typography lessons by award-winning calligrapher Vance Studley.

Can Opener

This can-opener with a chrome plate body is ideal for lefties as the roller cutter and turner are positioned on the left enabling simple and efficient usage. Starting from INR 2,038, this is one of the most sought-after kitchen product by the left-handed.