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6 Things You Can Do Only If You Live In Pune

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There are so many fun things to do in Pune! This city enjoys a perfect blend of cosmopolitan crowd and traditional homes. History and culture abound, and exciting pubs make Pune more vibrant. But there are some things that you can do only in Pune. Here’s a list of things that make for a unique, special Puneri experience: 

Eat Freshly Baked Shrewsbury Biscuits From Kayani Bakery

The soul comforting flavours of the Shrewsbury biscuit are loved by people all around India, which explains why a pack of these sweet treats make for the perfect gift for anyone who’s visiting from Pune. This bakery is an iconic establishment that had a special recipe to make the Shrewsbury biscuit what it is today. Kayani bakery does not have any other branches. They even have the best mawa cake that you MUST get your hands on as soon as they open their shutters at 4:00pm in the evening. 

Take A Tour Of Shivaji's Fort

A tour of the Shaniwar Wada is a treat for history buffs. This fort, situated in the middle of the city, was the seat of the state rulers before the British East India Company took charge in 1818. The fort has a tower, meeting room and gardens that you can visit. They even have some brilliant light and sound shows at the fort.

Visit The Jail Where Mahatma Gandhi Was Imprisoned

A beautiful white bungalow, Aga Khan Palace is where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned along with his wife. Today, it is a beautiful museum and handloom store that sees tourists and locals visiting the expansive grounds on day trips. The Aga Khan Palace is located very near to the airport.

Take A Walk In Osho’s Garden

This expansive green space in Koregaon Park is the perfect space to rejuvenate in the company of Mother Nature. It’s a lovely, green space this is frequented by all those who visit the city. If you’re interested in finding out more about Osho, you can also take a tour of the Osho Meditation Resort (this needs prior permissions) and even sign up for a meditation class!

Dive Into A Packet Of Bhakarwadi

Bhakarwadi is easily one of the most favourite snacks of a Punekar, and there’s no way you’re leaving this city without biting into this sweet and spicy, crispy food that holds a certain pride amongst Punekars. Head over to any outlet of Chitale Bandhu to get yourself a pack of freshly made bhakarwadi. They make for good gifts too.

Take A Guided Tour Of The NDA

The National Defence Academy is located right here in the city, and the expansive grounds are open to guided tours with prior permission and visitors accompanied by defence personnel. While you’re here, do not forget to stop by to marvel at the Khadakwasala lake. If you’re feeling adventurous, get on to a cycle and enjoy the fresh, clean air of the early morning as you cycle on the NDA-Pashan road, along the Khadakwasala Dam. Don’t forget to stop by for hot chaha and vada pav on the way!