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Your Boss Will Approve Of This Start-Up That Helps You Work While Travelling

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What Makes It Awesome?

How many times have you cancelled your vacation for work? Or come back from your vacation to find your inbox and desk full. Whether you love working or are one of those workers without whom your office will probably collapse, we’ve found a trip you could take that’ll allow you to work and travel at the same time. 

Pune-based start-up TraWork was founded by Vandita Purohit because she doesn’t get the idea of switching off her phone on her vacation. For a lot of people, work comes first, right? So, Purohit launched TraWork, which plans an itinerary that allows you to work out of a co-work in the city you’re visiting and become a tourist by evening. 

Four-day trips in India or a two-week-long trip to Europe, you can take your pick. The company plans trips to cities and countries that have good connectivity and finds a co-work for the group to work out of. They also check a city’s start-up culture, vegetarian food availability, and research on how that city is growing economically or socially and in what niche. 

Purohit’s idea is to stay in a city abroad for at least three days to a week before hopping to the next one. She aims to be a tourist who explores and knows the roads like a local would and hence plans all of TraWork’s tours accordingly. If you sign up for a tour with TraWork, you can work by day, and then hop around the city with the group by night. You’ll visit touristy places, of course, but also find little food carts on the street and sample something you haven’t before. 

Purohit also believes that travelling can help work a lot. As she runs The Daftar, a coworking space in the city, she knows how important networking is for young start-ups and freelancers. She says that these trips can help meet people and get opportunities outside of your local area. And that’s why, TraWork also helps introduce you to people that could potentially help your work in the country you’re visiting. 

TraWork takes care of your accommodation, inter-city and intra-city transport, foreign SIM card, and other touring and coworking expenses. But, you have to pay for your travel tickets, visa, lunch and dinner separately. The fees includes breakfast and they urge you to go out and explore the food of the city or country you’re visiting. 

The group is headed to Poland, Estonia and Finland in November for 15 days. You can experience the northern lights, take a trip to the official Santa Claus village, take a reindeer ride, go ice skating, enjoy your warm cup of hot chocolate and more. The fees for this trip are INR 1,20,000. It excludes tickets, visa, travel insurance, lunch and dinner. There’s ample time to apply for a visa, and if you’ve already got one then you should start packing.


If you need help with your visa or have more questions on how you’ll be able to work while you travel, you should explore the idea over a call with TraWork.