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This Trek Near Tamhini Ghat Is A Winter Secret & We're Outing It


    Resplendent with greenery and rocks and also, waterfalls in Monsoon, Plus valley, located 150 km from Mumbai, is ideal for a trek for every Pune-Mumbaikar.

    What Makes It Awesome?

    The valley is covered with mesmerizing waterfalls and canyons which makes it difficult to cross in the monsoon but it’s a real joy to trek during the rainy and the winter seasons with roaring waterfalls and lush green hills around. There are two rappelling points during the trek with a height of 600 feet between the over speedy waterfalls. The intimidating factor of this 9km long trek has to be the hardcore jungle cover over your head. A major portion of this trek route involves walking through this dense patch. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate with an elevation of 2,400 feet and a temperature of 20-28 degrees C.


    Carry a wind-cheater and some light food.