We Found A Hidden Korean Eatery & Their Food Is As Authentic As It Gets

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What Makes It Awesome

Nestled in one of the lesser-travelled by-lanes of Aundh Gaon, Cafe Maroo, despite being one of the oldest Korean restaurants in Pune, can be an easy miss. While it is widely loved by the residents in the city, Cafe Maroo continues to remain a sort of hidden gem for the newer, younger crowd. And that's where Team LBB comes in to play; to let you discover those awesome yet untapped parts of Pune you wish you had known sooner.

Coming back to Cafe Maroo, the place is as authentic as it gets - gorgeous beige furniture compliments the colour of the walls, which are adorned with beautiful portraits that have been clicked by renowned photographers worldwide. Additionally, the upper floor of the restaurant is a more traditional setting with simple rugs and homestyle Korean tables.

While the ambience of the place is quite heartwarming, what tops it up is the South Korean food. We are the biggest fans of their beef kimbap, which is basically bite-size sushi rolls made of rice, minced meat and dried sheets of laver seaweed. We recommend you try the spicy Maroo special pork bulgogi with gochujang sauce along with a side Godeungeo-Gui, which is a plate of beautifully deep-fried mackerel, seasoned with lime and onions.

For the main course though, there's a lot on the menu and it can get extremely confusing. Our favourite, however, is the very simple Japchae Deopbab beef, which is a dish made of rice and noodles with stir-fried sweet potato and meat.

End your mouthwatering Korean meal on a sweet note with a cup of Ssukcha latte, which is a traditional wormwood tea with milk and honey.

Photo Credits: Cafe Maroo

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000