Sip On The Perfectly Flavoured Lassis And Shakes At This Amazing Outlet!

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Lassi Ghar: I visited this place few days ago and this is a place you should definitely give a try. They have an amazing variety of lassi served in different ways in pots (matka) or dessert glass or flask whatever. The taste was amazing and lassi was not too sweet and nor too sour

I had double chocolate chip shake or lassi maybe I'm wrong with name sorry for that but taste was outstanding and quantity was pretty good

There were many other flavour available but I preferred chocolate . I will recommend you chocolate and mix fruit.

Prices are very affordable and pocket friendly . Staff was kind and gave me suggestions about their special dish. The experience was overwhelming .

The service was good and I had no such problems . I loved this place you should definitely give a try.

Over all place was good and definitely give a visit.