Up Your Leather Shoe Game With Sved's Collection

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What Makes It Awesome?

Don't you just love the feeling of soft soles in your shoes? Leather shoes are a must have in everyone's closet and keeping that in mind, Sved Shoes has made it's place in the market as a premium brand providing classy leather shoes. Started by Ved Dhadphale a few years back, Sved shoes came from the rapidly urbanising and modernising environment in today's age.

Ved observed a lack of integrity and loss of workmanship in products across all verticals and that's where the thought of making tastefully built "things" came from. Sved's designs give out a confident aura and stand up well to the test of time. From oxfords to Chelsea boots, sneakers and much more -- they have it all in tasteful and subtle colours.

We absolutely love their collection of single-cut shoes that come in sued starting at INR 3,999. You can also get solid white sneakers made of suede or leather starting at INR 2,999. If you are looking for something funky and colourful, check out their collection of high-top sneakers starting at INR 1,999 in bright colours such as blue, pink, black and more.


Most of Sved's sneakers come with thermoplastic rubber soles which keeps your feet comfortable if you walk a lot or stand for long periods.